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Momosan Ramen Boston

In Japanese, the suffix “san” is used to show respect. Such is the genesis of Momosan: Morimoto san, shortened to Momo san, is a moniker for one of the world’s most beloved Iron Chefs — and the short name for Chef Morimoto’s standout ramen shops.

At Momosan Ramen Boston, noodles are front and center. Guests are treated to a culinary experience that’s delicious, dynamic and defined by the quality they’ve come to expect from the Morimoto name.

Noodles + Vibes

With a vibe that’s part uptown chic and part downtown chill, Momosan Ramen Boston serves up Chef Morimoto’s beloved ramen using authentic ingredients and  traditional techniques. Chasu pork, steamed chicken, ajitama (soft-boiled, marinated egg), takana (spicy mustard greens), kikurage (wood ear mushroom) and much more — have a few or have them all — cozy down in steaming bowls alongside assertive broth and a riot of noodles. Call it a perfectly orchestrated symphony of flavor. Call it culinary dynamite. Or just call it a bowl of happiness.

Beyond the Bowl

From buttery A5 Wagyu and beautiful sushi rolls to colorful nigiri, craveable rice dishes and comforting appetizers, your next culinary obsession is waiting for you at Momosan Ramen Boston. Plant-based options abound, as do Japanese-inspired craft cocktails, Japanese whiskies, and a wide variety of sake, beer and wine.

Momosan Ramen Boston Patio and Exterior Momosan Ramen Boston Patio and Exterior

Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto

Chef Masaharu Morimoto, known to millions as the star of Japan’s original “Iron Chef,” as well as Food Network’s “Iron Chef America,” has garnered critical and popular acclaim for his seamless integration of Japanese and Western ingredients and techniques.

Chef Morimoto grew up in Hiroshima, where he learned the art of cooking and developed a love for noodles. Chef Morimoto opened his first restaurant stateside in 2001 and has since opened at least 14 U.S. locations — including his Morimoto restaurants and his Momosan noodle shops — and five locations overseas. Today, Chef Morimoto resides in New York City.


Chef Morimoto is the author of two cookbooks. His first cookbook, “Morimoto: The New Art of Japanese Cooking” won two International Association of Culinary Professionals awards, including the Julia Child Award for Best First Book.

Momosan Locations

Momosan Ramen is also located in Miami, New York City, Seattle, San Jose and Waikiki.

Chef Morimoto Chef Morimoto